Give your older dog a new lease on life

Massage can’t turn back the clock and give your dog his youth back. But I often hear from owners that their dog seems more lively and energetic after a session. Some even want to play, something they haven’t been interested in for quite a while.
Many older dogs suffer from arthritis, stiff joints and muscle cramps. Quite often older dogs have a hard time getting around and as a result of that, the muscles get weak. Arthritis, loss of nerve signals to the muscles due to changes in the spine, and  achy muscles are often subtle changes that we contribute to getting older. We see it when our dogs no longer want to go on walks, get up ever so slowly, and struggle with going up, or down, the stairs. 

Massage increases the dog's mobility by reducing stiffness and let's the dog move about more easily. It improves the tone of the muscles and can replace some of the exercise that the dog isn’t getting otherwise. Through regular sessions, we improve the immune system by improving circulation, and combined with good pain management you are giving your old friend a new lease on life and healthier golden years.

By law, massage and acupressure is required to be done under the direct or general supervision of a licensed veterinarian.​