When focus matters

This is one sport where I often hear “well why do they need massages, they don’t do anything”. Massage can help eliminate even the slightest kink in an otherwise perfect gait. It stimulates circulation to the skin and improves coat texture, an important factor to the dog’s appearance when in the ring. Bodywork helps maintain the 
proper muscle tone and add fluidity to the dog’s movement. Massage can calm an 
anxious dog or make him more energetic before entering the ring. Reducing tension can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the dog and bring you the title you are striving to get for your dog.

Obedience and Rally 
The position of the head for competitive heeling can cause tight neck muscles 
after a while. It reflects when the dog needs to retrieve obstacles and regular massage will help keep neck and jaws tension free. It is also important to focus 
on hips and shoulders for proper jumping technique. Even though exercises are performed at a less intense speed than agility, there is often more focus on 
precision and technique. Rally and obedience dogs benefit just as well from 
massage and body work as if they were doing any other sport.

By law, massage and acupressure is required to be done under the direct or general supervision of a licensed veterinarian.​