What is Acupressure?

The foundation of Eastern Medicine is based on the balance between mind, body 
and spirit. All three come together as one and an imbalance in one part of the equation will create problems in the other two. Therefore it is important to look for the cause of a problem and not only dealing with the symptoms. 

According to Eastern Medicine we all, humans and animals alike, have a system of 
12 meridians, or energy highways, running through our bodies. When our bodies 
are balanced the flow of energy (chi) moves freely within these meridians. Sometimes an energy blockage occurs and just like road blocks cause traffic to 
slow down or stop, the flow of chi stagnates. Not only does this put strain on the 
other meridians, as they are all interconnected, it also causes muscle problems, discomfort and illness. The key is to deal with the cause of the problem and not 
only taking care of the symptoms. Left unattended an imbalance in the meridians 
will weaken the animals immune system, leaving it more prone to infections, allergies, muscle problems and illness. 

Along these paths of energy there are a number of acupressure points which by applying light pressure restores the flow of chi (Life energy). Acupressure lets 
us access the body from the surface and is non-invasive and as opposed to acupuncture, it doesn't require any needles. Specific points help the body release endorphins, sedatives, and boost the immune system. It can increase circulation, relieve muscle tension and can even stimulate cell growth. Acupressure points are located in small depressions between bones and muscles, and around 
the joints. Meridians that are out of balance can either have a deficient or excessive pattern of energy and the points work like little switches. They open up the energy flow where it is stagnant and stimulates it where needed. Once balance is restored the symptoms subside. 

Acupressure can 
* Help prevent colic, improve flexibility, range of movement, and relieve joint pain. 
* Reduce swelling, and inflammation, help with allergies and laminitis.
* Improve your animal's performance and speed
* Boost the immune system, reduce anxiety, stress and fear
* Accelerate healing by increasing circulation

By law, massage and acupressure is required to be done under the direct or general supervision of a licensed veterinarian.​